Hi, I’m Ramesh!

  • I work as a Staff Engineer at Bitvavo .

    I’m a Techie, highly motivated self-learner, Team player. Willing to throw my hat in the ring for complex challenges. Currently working in FinTech (crypto investment), had the opportunity to work in various business streams like Communication, Application Security, Scheduling, Platform solutions, etc.

Interested in Software Architecture, Microservices, APIs, Security, Containerization, Platform solutions.

How I turned my old MacBook Pro into a Home Server to run network-wide Ad Blocker

Hello there, here I am in the New year (I can still say that right?) with a new addiction, Self Hosting. I have been following the self-hosted community in Reddit for a while now, and I always wanted to have my own server to play around with, run some programs, break some stuff and perhaps some automation to make life a little better. At the start of this year, out of nowhere, I got a spark to try it out, after all, I am a developer and interested in these kinds of stuff....

January 24, 2022 路 Ramesh Lingappan

Investing in the Netherlands as an Expat

Hello there, hope you鈥檙e doing good. Usually, I write on technical topics like software, programming and best practices. But this time I would like to share my personal experience with something different, something that everyone deals with every day, Money and Investments 馃挵. This is not the money lesson kind of thing, Am no expert in this space, just sharing my experience and findings on various investment options being in a new country....

October 29, 2020 路 Ramesh Lingappan

Ephemeral Jobs Monitoring Using Prometheus PushGateway

As with any other long-running services, Ephemeral (or in Kubernetes term Batch or Cron) Jobs also needs to be monitored to gather critical metrics and for Altering when something goes wrong. This article describes how we can monitor these short-lived jobs by explaining What is the problem with Prometheus What is PushGateway & why it is necessary Demo using a sample application

July 14, 2020 路 Ramesh Lingappan

Managing Application Secrets Like a Pro Using Google Secret Manager

At the beginning of last year, I wrote an article titled How to secure and manage secrets using Google Cloud KMS , explaining how we can use Google Cloud KMS (Key Management System) to encrypt secrets and securely use it in our applications. I mentioned it is a decent approach because of the lack of support for good secret management solutions within the Google cloud ecosystem. It is kind of, a hacky way to get the job done, because,...

April 4, 2020 路 Ramesh Lingappan

Google Cloud Run Service with gRPC using Spring Boot

Welcome to another article on Google Cloud Platform. If you are building services using GCP then you might already know the several limitations that come with it. One of them being a lack of support for gRPC in their easy to use solutions such as Google AppEngine (Standard and Flexible), Cloud Functions or in the initial days of Cloud Run. So if we need to support or have our own gRPC services then we need to use either Google Compute Engine or Google Kubernetes Engine, which is not an easy solution for several small use cases....

March 31, 2020 路 Ramesh Lingappan